The Ship l Program

The primary program allows the scouts to focus on one particular area of maritime lore, mature, and get really good at it, building teamwork and leadership skills along the way. The ship has elected Sailing as its primary program for development with the option of racing with the BHSC racing program as skill level and interest dictate.

Summer(Memorial Day - Labor Day)

The Scouts meet every Tuesday at 1700 on the J-41 sailboat at Erie Basin Marina where they learn and practice the skills of sailing and general maritime subjects. If the crew becomes sufficiently proficient and has the desire, they can further hone their skills by racing in the BHSC regular Tuesday night races.

Winter(Labor Day - Memorial Day)

The Scouts meet at the Buffalo Maritime Center, 90 Arthur St, every first and third Wednesday at 1830 (6:00pm). During the winter they concentrate on learning and practicing the nautical skills that do not require being on the water such as Safety at Sea, First Aid-CPR, Environment, Sailing Theory, Navigation, Knots, Deck Seamanship, and more.